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Hetalia Reader Insert One-shots
Just a simple reader insert one-shot~! Reader can be Chunky, Chubby, Depressed, etc. Which ever country you want can be a 2P as well. I do accept Werewolf, Naga, Vampire, etc. If you'd like one, just click the button~! X3


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Hey guys.

I know you all know I'm busy, but on top of that I'm actually pretty down. I've recently went to University and I know nobody here. All I do is study and I'm shut in my dorm room. I didn't know college was going to be this way. Not to sound to forward or anything, but does anyone live in the Saint Louis area? I'm going to college at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville AKA: SIUE. I just need someone to talk to, hang out with, anything. I've been down and sad for weeks and the work load has made me even more down and out. So....yeah.. o.o 
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Hey guys! 

I just wanted to let you know I've been very busy for the last few weeks and I haven't read through all of the entries yet. I'm very sorry, my teachers have been giving me work loads that are honestly really ridiculous -.- Just wanted to let you know I'm still here, just studying my butt off right now and I'm not sure when I've have time to finish the entries at this point. They will be judged thought I promise you guys. 
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Hey guys! 

I just wanted to let you know I've been very busy for the last few weeks and I haven't read through all of the entries yet. I'm very sorry, my teachers have been giving me work loads that are honestly really ridiculous -.- Just wanted to let you know I'm still here, just studying my butt off right now and I'm not sure when I've have time to finish the entries at this point. They will be judged thought I promise you guys. 
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
You grunted in annoyance again as you felt that same damn nudge against your shoulder. You snuggled back into whatever you were laying against as a content sigh left your plump lips.

You heard a deep chuckle and you felt a harder nudge making you growl this time. You cracked one (eye color) orb opened and glared at the culprit who turned out to be Alfred; goofy grin and all.

"What the hell Alfie?" You were about to close your eyes once again for some blissful rest only to have the loud mouth pinch your cheek hard.

"WHAT THE HELL ALFIE?!?" You sat up straight and slapped his hand away as his laughter echoed off the walls of the apartment. Glaring daggers at the man as you rubbed your sore and red cheek.

"Sorry (your name), you've been out for half an hour." You blinked in surprise as you tried to recall when you exactly dozed off, but you couldn't remember anything but the warmth Alfred's body had.

"How far did I make it into the movie before I zonked out?" You rubbed your tired eyes as you stared into Alfred's bright blue ones. A small blush ran across his cheeks as he averted his gaze, seeming to be deep in thought at the moment.

"Oh yeah, you made it to the part where Black Widow was talking to Bruce Banner." You nodded slightly getting a vivid image of Natasha pointing her gun at the man in your head.

"Ah, okay thanks Alfie and sorry I didn't stay awake through the whole movie, that's usually not like me." You rubbed the back of your neck sheepishly as the blonde only grinned and slung his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to him.

"It's all good babe, besides you're really cute when you're sleeping, especially when you're all cuddly with me." He sent you a wink making you playfully slap his chest.

"Pssshh, whatever Alfie! What time is it anyway?" You stifled a yawn as you laid your head on his shoulder dozing off a little bit again.

"A little past 1 a.m." You shook your head again as another yawn, this one louder than the first came from your mouth making some tears appear at the corners of your eyes.

"That means it's time for my sleepy time." You groaned and shakily stood up to your feet and started to make your way to your room. You looked back at the man who had his head popped up from the couch.

"You can stay up as long as you want Alfred, I'm going to bed; we have a shit ton of packing to do tomorrow, Good night!" You waved at him and made your way down the hallway already internally drooling at the thought of lying in your bed. To you, that was the equivalent of being in Heaven at the moment.

Before you could make it to your doorway, you felt arms circle around you chunky waist hugging you tightly.

"I'm not staying up without you (your name); we'll go to sleep together!" He pushed you through the door and straight onto the bed where you gave a grunt from the impact as he just laughed, rolling over onto the other side of the bed.

You rolled over onto your back breathing a sigh of relief only to have it interrupted by a shirt hitting you straight in the face. You growled in annoyance from under the fabric, but at the same time the wonderful aroma or Alfred that was radiating off the shirt was making you internally happy.

After a minute of just lying there with the cloth on your face, it was picked up by Alfred himself who gave you a sheepish grin and chuckled a bit.

"Sorry about that babe, my aim's a bit off." Tossing the fabric onto the floor where it was supposed to go, he jumped up and headed for your dresser.

You sat up quickly wondering what he was doing. You got distracted as you saw him only clad in American Flag boxers making you blush hard at the sight. You guess he just slept in his boxers, it's normal for a man right? Yeah, yeah it is. Before you could process anymore of the situation another cloth smacked you in the face making you sigh in defeat.

Picking up the cloth you saw it was one of your silky nighties that you never wore because who the hell were you going to wear it for? Your grandmother got you like five of them in hopes of you getting a man. Yeah, you still didn't understand.

"ALFRED! I didn't give you permission to go through my dresser!!" You quickly and angrily bunched up the silky fabric in your hands and stood up, quickly making your way to the smirking blonde.

"Come on babe, it'll look smokin' on you! Wear it for me please!!" He started giving you the puppy dog eyes. You blinked in surprise.

Wait, really? Alfred was really doing those eyes right now? Yeah, that shit wasn't going to work. You were the puppy dog eye champ! Nobody could beat your look, not even Alfie's even though he did look adorable with them.

"Yeah, sorry Alfie those eyes won't work on me. The answer's no."

You lightly bumped him out of the way with your hips and put the nightie away and pulled out a long t-shirt you used as a nightgown and made your way back to the bed.

You looked back at Alfie who had a little bit of a pout on his face making you giggle.
"Alright Alfred, do not and I repeat DO NOT peek, understood?" You raised a brow at the man who only gave a curt nod and covered his eyes with his hands. You glared at the temporarily sightless man and quickly discarded your clothing and slipped on the large t-shirt.

"You can look now Alfie." Pulling back the covers of the bed you quickly slipped in getting enveloped in the wonderful warmth of the cloud like bed. You felt Alfred slide in next to you, wrapping his arms around you as you sighed happily.

"You know (your name), I really like your matching (favorite color) panties and bra, they're cute just like you."

You felt your brow twitch at the words coming out of his mouth.

"WHAT!?! ALFRED!!!" You smacked him upside the head which earned you a yelp of pain from the now peeping tom.

"Babe, that really hurt!" You grinned at his statement.

"Good, that's what perverts deserve!" You huffed and turned around, away from Alfred as you heard his desperate cries.

"NO!! I'm sorry (your name), I just couldn't look away; you're so freaking cute and sexy! Please, I'm sorry!" You felt him latch onto you as he placed kisses on your chubby cheeks and neck making you gulp a bit.

"Okay, okay, it's fine Alfie; just ease up." The blonde stopped his movements as you turned back around to face him only to get attacked by his lips as the met yours in a light, chaste kiss.

"Good night babe." Alfred laid his head back down and stared at you with a smile on his face. A light blush made its way to your cheeks once again at the cute things he did.

"Good night Alfie." You smiled back at him as both of you snuggled closer to one another and sleep slowly took over the both of you.
American HetaloidX!Insecure!Chunky Reader Ch.4
Woot!~ Here it is everybody!!~ Chapter 4 of the American Hetaloid series!~ I hope you all enjoy!~

Chapter 3:…

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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
"Are you sure (your name)-chan?" Gou clutched your pudgy arm tightly as you only laughed and pulled her into a hug.

"I'm sure Gou-chan, I'll be fine." She looked at you with a frown and reluctantly let go of said arm and hugged you back properly.

"Gou's right (your name); you should just stay tonight its way to late."  Rin placed a hand on your shoulder as he tried his chance at making you stay.

For the last few weeks, Gou and yourself had been helping Rin's swimming team get ready for a tournament they had coming up. Since Iwatobi wasn't entered, Gou saw this as a chance to spend some time with Rin so naturally she dragged you along since you were her best friend.

Yes, it was nice to see Rin again, but you got to know the other members as well through the weeks and one in particular had caught your eye: Sousuke Yamazuki.

He started out a little cold towards you, but he opened up through the weeks; becoming a bit possessive even. The whole thing was a bit odd for you since you weren't used to that kind of attention from guys seeing as you were the chunky girl and all.

Going back to the situation at hand, you only shook your head at Rin's words. Usually practice ran late, but this time it was way past midnight.

"I'll be fine Rin, I'm a big girl after all." You laughed a bit and gathered your stuff up getting ready to leave.

"(Your name)-chan, we know you can take care of yourself, it's the other people we don't trust." Gou said as you sighed and looked up at the four people in front of you.

Rin and Gou both had looks of worry on their faces, Nitori looked sad and Sousuke, it was hard to tell really. You didn't know what the big hype was about; it was just a short walk to the train station and besides nobody would want anything from a chunky girl anyways.

You only laughed and was about to turn away only to have someone grab your hand and stop you in your tracks. You turned and looked up at the culprit who turned out to be Sousuke.
"You stay here tonight or I take you home and I stay there with you; those are your only two options." You raised a brow at the swimmer and tried to get your hand back only to have him tighten his hold and tug you closer to his form.

"S-Sousuke let go, this is ridiculous, I can go home myself it's not like anyone will want anything from the fat girl anyway so there's nothing to worry about."

Sousuke's face turned from unreadable to hurt as his grip loosened. Seeing this wonderful opportunity, you tugged your arm away and briskly walked away pushing open the doors and sprinting towards the Samezuka entrance.

After saying that stupid line, there was no way in hell you could face Sousuke or any of them again. You always kept up a very confident façade when you were around them; they never knew how much you hated yourself.

You stopped sprinting and tried to catch your breath. You were two blocks away from the school. Finally able to breathe okay, you straightened your skirt and continued your trek to the train station.

As you continued to walk, you were deep in thought. You never really knew why you hated yourself. You're a smart, pretty, funny girl and you knew that, but it was just the way guys treated you.

If you went out with Gou and your other friends at Iwatobi, they all would attract the attention of the guys, you on the other hand not so much. They did talk to you yeah, but only because they had too. They didn't flirt with you; they just didn't have any other choice. It made you pissed truthfully. No, you didn't hate Gou or your other friends….
You were pissed at yourself.

Why couldn't you be thinner? That was the one thing you weren't. So far, guys only liked thinner girls, yeah you were cool to hang out with and be a 'bro' with, but dating you? Hell no, you didn't have the 'physique' they're looking for.

You sighed as you sat down in the almost empty train station the only other person being a man on the other end of the bench.

You never really understood guys, but the way Sousuke was treating you was the total opposite. He was actually being a nice guy to you.

You wanted to face palm right now, the one guy that was being truly genuine to you, is the same guy you just ran away from. The way he would look at you when he thought you weren't looking, the way he held your hand sometimes, how he laughed at your jokes…God! What the hell's wrong with you!?!

You had to go back and apologize to the man, he along with everyone else was just looking out for you and you made an ass of yourself. You smiled to yourself and stood up ready to run your chunky self all the way back to Samesuka and hug the daylights out of everyone especially Sousuke.

Before you could go anywhere, a hand grabbed your wrist and spun you around, slamming your back against the glass making you groan. Shakily raising your head, you saw the same man that was sitting by himself in front of you with a smirk on his face.

"L-let me go!" You swung your free hand at his face only to have him catch it and put both of your wrists in one of his large hands. His knee suddenly went between your legs as he pressed his body onto yours roughly.

"Not a chance sweetheart, I wanna have some fun and you're the perfect girl. I was getting tired of all these tiny girls, good thing you're alone tonight." You felt your lips tremble a bit wishing you just stayed with your friends tonight. A few tears slipped out as he started unbuttoning your blouse, your (favorite color) bra now being exposed to him.
You would've screamed, but you could see the knife attached to his belt and you were sure he wouldn't be afraid to use it on you if you made a peep.

The creep unclasped your bra since there was a clip in the front as more tears slid down your cheeks. He only laughed at your state and started groping your now exposed breasts.
You just wanted this nightmare to be over, to run back to Samezuka and stay there, where you'd be safe.

You suddenly felt your wrists fall to your sides making you open your eyes. In front of you was the creep on the ground getting punched in the face by Sousuke who sported a face full of rage as he continued to punch the guy until he blacked out.

You slid to the ground, your chunky form shaking as you finally let out a loud sob. Sousuke quickly turned his attention towards you and acted fast.

He pulled you off the ground and into his lap as he sat on the bench. Pulling your shaking form closer to him, you let out all your sobs into his shoulder as he patted your back and kissed your forehead.

"S-S-Sousuke, I-I'm s-sorry!" You pulled back and looked at the swimmer with tears still running down your face and over your chubby cheeks.

"It's not your fault (your name)." He stroked your hair gently as you shook your head and clutched the front of his swimming jacket.

"I-it is, if I wasn't so damn stubborn maybe this wouldn't have happened to me."

"No, it's that creep's fault, guys like that are the reason we all worry about you. I don't want anything to happen to you." Sousuke leant his forehead against yours as your tears finally subsided.

You knew you were safe with Sousuke.

"Why do you even care?" The question just slipped out. You really wanted to know, why this guy cared about your safety.

"Because, I love you (your name)." Sousuke looked into your (eye color) orbs as you felt a blush start to form on your cheeks. You never heard your name and love in the same sentence coming from a guy's mouth before.

Hearing it now and coming from him, the guy you've slowly been falling for it felt…nice.
"I was scared to tell you because I thought you'd reject me." The teal eyed man looked to the side as his same poker face swept his features. You merely chuckled at his actions and placed a kiss onto his forehead.

"You're silly, me reject you? Shouldn't that be the other way around??" His large hand rubbed your back lightly as he glanced at you again.

"No, you're an amazing girl (your name). You're sweet, smart, funny, confident and beautiful; everything a man could want." You only blushed and scoffed a bit as you quickly buttoned up your blouse again from the attack.

"It's true (your name), just because you're bigger doesn't mean guys don't want you. You should see how some of the guys look at you at practice when you're not looking. Even though it irritates me, they like you." Your (eye color) orbs widened a bit at Sousuke's words.

"You're mine though." His arms tightened around your large, soft waist as he pecked your forehead lightly. You giggled a bit at the sweet gesture, snaking your arms around his neck.

"Of course I'm yours Sousuke, I always will be; I love you too." You pecked the tip of his nose as the two of you shared a laugh.

The two of you headed back to Samezuka hand in hand that night where you were safe with Sousuke; cuddled and wrapped up in his arms, a content smile on both of your faces.

It was a place you'd never dream of leaving.
Hey guys.

I know you all know I'm busy, but on top of that I'm actually pretty down. I've recently went to University and I know nobody here. All I do is study and I'm shut in my dorm room. I didn't know college was going to be this way. Not to sound to forward or anything, but does anyone live in the Saint Louis area? I'm going to college at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville AKA: SIUE. I just need someone to talk to, hang out with, anything. I've been down and sad for weeks and the work load has made me even more down and out. So....yeah.. o.o 
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