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Hetalia Reader Insert One-shots
Just a simple reader insert one-shot~! Reader can be Chunky, Chubby, Depressed, etc. Which ever country you want can be a 2P as well. I do accept Werewolf, Naga, Vampire, etc. If you'd like one, just click the button~! X3


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Kiki Cosplay by bonkers-4-hatter
Kiki Cosplay
I wore this at OMG!Con as well as Anime Midwest and I plan to wear it at Anime Saint Louis this year! I just need to make a broom because I borrowed the one in the picture from a friend XD I made the Jiji by hand and it came out better than I thought :3 I also made the dress and bow and bought the cami and shoes so overall, it was a pretty cheap cosplay! :D
It was hot, unbearably hot to be honest and you didn't like it one bit. You knew Alfred was latched onto you like a Koala on a tree and you were fine with that for the first ten minutes, but now you just wanted him to let you go.

"Alfred, let me go now." You mumbled this into the side of his pillow and you knew damn well he was up since he was sliding his hands all over which you didn't enjoy.

"You're too comfy babe." His face nuzzled your soft side making you heave a sigh of annoyance as you tried to wiggle yourself free of his iron like grip.

"I'm hot…" You were reduced down to whining at this point. You just hoped it would register in his mind.

"You are hot (your name), I don't know how long I'll be able to restrain myself." You felt his fingers start to trace shapes on your soft tummy as you mentally slammed your head against a metaphorical wall. Was Alfred really this dense sometimes, well you had plenty of time to find out.

"Not what I meant Alfred. I meant my body temperature is hot so please untangle yourself from me so I can cool down." You wiggled again for extra measure.

"Oh! You should've just said so (your name)!" The android untangled his limbs from yours as the nice, cool air hit your scorching body as you gave a sigh of relief.

"I did say something; you just took it another way." You felt your brow twitching a bit at the carefree androids antics as he poked your squishy cheek.

"Why are you still touching me?" You flipped over so he was now poking your neck.
"Because, you're too adorable not to touch." He laughed at the groan you emitted and rolled off the bed onto the cold floor actually enjoying the change.

"Woah! (Your name), dude you ok?!" You glanced up at the Blond who was on the edge of the bed peeking at you.

"I'm perfectly ok now." He frowned a bit down at your form and rolled from the bed as well, landing on top of you with a content sigh.

"Will I never escape?" You mumbled this as your cheek was squished against the cold wooden floor. Alfred placed a soft kiss on the other kiss as he nuzzled his face into your soft hair.

"Not a chance babe, you're stuck with me for a while." You both started laughing and rolling on the cool floor like a bunch of dorks until a loud knock interrupted your nice moment making your ears perk up.

"Alfred, I need to get the door you need to get off." He heaved a loud sigh and rolled off of your squishy form and you got up and scurried to the door as the knocking intensified and you knew exactly who it was.

As soon as you opened the door you were tackled into a giant hug by none other than your older brother (his name), who shut the door with his foot and refused to let you go as the usual tickling spree began making you howl in laughter.

"Damnit (brother's name), I swear if you don't…STOOOOP…!!!!" Your pathetic attempt at a threat was washed out by his never ending attack on your plump sides.

"(Your name), what's wro-." You heard Alfred start to say something only to stop before he could finish his thought as you saw his face that was filled with sadness and a bit of rage.

(Brother's name) finally stopped his brutal attack and pulled back from the bear hug he had you in and grinned down at you.

"So, is my little sis ready to tackle the big city by herself?" He patted your head like he usually did as laugh escaped your throat.

"Well, I won't be alone really. (Brother's name), this is Alfred Jones my roommate and he'll be coming with me to (Favorite city name)." You grinned up at your brother hoping he wouldn't ask any more questions as well as Alfred not getting to hands on during his visit.

(Brother's name) never really liked you having a boyfriend and for good reason, seeing as what your past boyfriends did to you he got really protective of you and for the most part you were truly grateful that he did because it saved you so many heartbreaks through the years.

You glanced at (Brother's name) who was currently staring down Alfred like he was waiting for him to make a wrong move so he could pound him into the ground. After a moment though, he walked right up to Alfred and shook his hand.

"Great to meet you Alfred, hope you'll take care of my little sister in the big city."

"Of course I will, we can't have little (your name) going off and getting herself snatched up now can we?" The two men shared a laugh as you just puffed out your chubby cheeks and scowled at them as they laughed harder.

"Well, good to see you two are getting along, now if you don't mind I'm going to go get changed so we can finish packing all this crap. You boys behave, I'll be right back." You patted both guys on their backs and quickly made your way back to the bedroom.

Yeah, they were getting along for the moment, but you were afraid Alfred was going to say something to make (Brother's name) snap.

You quickly tugged off your pajamas and rummaged through your drawers for some bum clothes to pack and get dirty in and succeeding by finding an old tye dye shirt from a Scout camp some years ago and a pair of black yoga pants that you quickly put on the clothes only to hear a loud crash right as you finished pulling your shirt on.

'Really?! They couldn't last a whole five fucking minutes?!?' You knew it was too good to be true. Heaving a sigh, you ran back into the main room to find Alfred up against the wall while (Brother's name) held him up there by his collar.

"(Brother's name), put Alfred down!!" You ran up to the two and saw that Alfred's cheek was a bit swollen like he was punched.

"Not until you start explaining what the hell's going on between you two." His eyes narrowed at you like a parent scolding a child as you sighed once more.

"Fine (brother's name), what do you want to know?" This was defiantly not how you wanted to start off this day, but life works in some fucked up ways.
You never knew you deserved something so perfect in your life.

They were waiting for you.


They said you were worth something when everyone else didn't.

They held you, kissed you, healed you in body and mind.

It was all so foreign to you to actually have someone who wanted to be with you.

You were used to being alone and isolated from others content in your own world.

One that was safe from ridicule and harassment.

You felt safe and secure there by yourself.

That was until they came into your life almost like it was meant to happen.

They showed you that they would keep you safe and sound from the ridicule.

Helping you through the issues that were pounded into your head since you were young.

Too fat...Stupid....Failure....Weakling....Worthless.....Useless....Nothing....

They helped you see those 'issues' were really something else to them.

Perfect..Smart..Accomplished..Strong..Important..Valuable..My Everything...

It was like something from Fairy Tales...Something you knew wouldn't happen to you.

It did though...they were your Miracle that you always needed.

They showed you what Love really is and what made you so wonderful to them.

You gripped the bouquet tightly as you proceeded down the isle.

They smiled radiantly at you like they always had along with that twinkle in their eyes.

That twinkle was like a shining star showing you the right path...that led to them.

You weren't nervous, you knew this was right and you knew it would last forever.

Forever wasn't enough for you though, you needed more time with them.

You knew they'd make this short time you both had together the very best.

The road was hard and unforgiving for you, but you finally found your shining star.

They held your hands tightly as they gazed into your eyes.

This was just the beginning of your story with them and you couldn't wait for the rest.

The cheers and applause rang out as the kiss was finished.

They gently pulled you along as you ran down the isle with them both laughing softly.

You finally found your safe haven...  
Safe Haven
Just a little something I thought of in between writing chapters and such.
Is anyone going to Anime Saint Louis this coming April??? If so, let me know!~ Already have my line-up!

Friday- Lumpy Space Princess
Rave- 'Sexy' Mario
Saturday- Female Garterbelt
Rave- Dinosaur onsie XD
Sunday- Vinyl Scratch
Ashley Ketchum Cosplay by bonkers-4-hatter
Ashley Ketchum Cosplay
I'm back!!!~ :D So, I wore my Ashley Ketchum cosplay to Anime Getaway in Collinsville Illinois this past October! It was a fun time and I really enjoy this cosplay! ;3 Don't mind the stick I was holding it for my friend and someone asked for a picture so I posed with it! XD
Hello everyone!!~ 

I hope everyone had a wonderfully fun and safe new year! Welcome to 2015!!~

That means new things to do this year! My goal for this year is to try and update more often unlike last year. Now that I'm used to school, I know I'll update more and honestly interacting with you all really brightens up my day!

Another new things I hope to do is a sort of help/safe zone thing. I know, I'm terrible at wording it! I just want people to come to me and interact with everyone else when they need someone to talk to. When you're sad, lonely, anything please, please talk to me. I know when I get like that, nobody around me is good to talk to about it and usually my online friends get it. So, please friends if you need anything please, please get a hold of me. Nobody deserves to be alone when you get that way; nobody. I don't usually do this, but here's my kik for you guys. It's probably the easiest way to get a hold of me since I'm not on my computer a lot during school days. 


Again, if you need to talk to someone, please, please get a hold of me. I know what it's like being alone with nobody to talk to. I don't want anyone to feel like that. 
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