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Hetalia Reader Insert One-shots
Just a simple reader insert one-shot~! Reader can be Chunky, Chubby, Depressed, etc. Which ever country you want can be a 2P as well. I do accept Werewolf, Naga, Vampire, etc. If you'd like one, just click the button~! X3


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New RPG! :D by bonkers-4-hatter
New RPG! :D
So, my friends made a new RPG called Wonderland-Story of Madness. They explained everything to me and it sounds amazing! I'm helping with spreading the word so I made this for the website! If anyone would like more information about the game let me know! Hopefully, we'll have a panel at Anime Saint Louis next year!
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
"So, that's four mango smoothies and a bowl of strawberries right?" You looked at the four girls who smiled and nodded as you re-read their request and smiled back turning your heel in the sand and headed back to the estate to prepare all of the orders.

You passed some of the hosts who continued to entertain their guests, specifically the twins performing one of their many dramatics scenes making you shake your head as a laugh slipped from your mouth.

"(Name)-chan!!" Your ears perked up at the sound of your name as you turned and saw Hunny running up to you and hugging you tightly as he seemed to be on the verge of tears.

"Hunny, what's wrong?!?" He continued to nuzzle your swim suit clad stomach making you flush up but none the less you rubbed his back since he seemed very upset about something.

"I can't find one of the ladies that's spending time with me." Tears started falling from his eyes making you bite your lip and sigh.

"Where was the last you saw her Hunny?" You patted his back as he seemed to calm down a bit and peeked up with his chin still upon your tummy.

"Over by the cliffs (name)-chan." You nodded and looked towards the cliff and you swore you saw a few figures up on the top and decided to investigate.

"Alright, how about I go and find her and you go back to the mansion and get all the ladies orders?" He shot up and nodded as you handed him the little notebook you wrote everyone's orders in and turned back to the cliff as you made the trek over.

You made your way past guests laughing and having a wonderful time on the beach. You spotted Haruhi sitting on a towel surrounded by ladies, she made eye contact with you which cried help me, but you only laughed to yourself and waved to her walking past her section. Seeing A long line on the other side of the beach, you glanced over and saw Tamaki on a rock with a guest as they both stared at the ocean.

You guessed her session ended as the girl made her way towards her towel and the prince himself turned around and caught you eye. You gently smiled at him as he did the same not wanting to draw too much attention because of the fan girls.

You quickened your pace and eventually made it to the base of the somewhat tall cliff as a shriek cut through the air startling you. You knew there were people at the top of that damn cliff! You quickly sprinted up the side of the cliffs trail making your way to the top in record time and slightly out of breath.

"No! Stop, let go of me creep!" You glanced up and saw two ladies being touched and grabbed by two strangers who you knew for a fact weren't invited to this event.

"Hey fuckers, leave them alone!" You grabbed a stone and chucked it at one guys back making him loose his grip on the girl and make a noise of pain. Said girl quickly ran over towards you and hid behind you.

"Thank you (name)." You nodded and turned towards here quickly.

"Go get some help ok?" She nodded and quickly ran down the path before disappearing from sight.

"You little bitch!" You felt a bigger stone hit your head making you hiss in pain as the other girl screamed for them to leave you alone.

Feeling arms grab your form you immediately began to struggle against them and you were putting up a good fight and even got a few swings to the guys face and limbs before another pair of arms held you down making you squished between two bodies and you knew the girl was free since both guys were restraining you at this point.  

"Hurry and get help!" You saw the other girl nod as she too disappeared.

"So fatty here decided to play hero huh?" You were pushed against a large rock as it scrapped your exposed skin making you grimace in pain.

"You made our toys run away and that won't do." A punch was delivered to your stomach making you double over as one guy caught you and pushed you against the rock again.

"You're pretty cute for a fat girl, bigger assets too; you'll have to take their places." One hand grabbed your chin roughly as you were made to look up at one of the creeps who smashed his lips onto yours making you struggle as the second guy started pulling your swim skirt down and succeeded making you panic and fight back even harder until a hard slap was given to you on your face which made you dizzy and a bit disoriented.

You couldn't think straight as hands pulled your swim top down exposing your breasts or as your legs were lifted in different ways or when they started to touch you. You felt tears fall down your chubby cheeks as they only smiled and laughed down at you.

"How dare you!" The two creeps stopped their touching and jumped as your half naked body slid down the rock and crumpled to the floor.

You heard punching sounds as you glanced over to see the twins beating the shit out of the two creeps as Hunny joined in as sickening crunches could be heard which made you smile a little bit in satisfaction.

"(Name)!" You peeked up as Tamaki ran over to you and got down to your level on the ground and threw a giant towel around you and gently pulled you into his lap as he wrapped his arms around your shaking form. You felt soft kisses being place all over your head and face as he started checking your wounds only to have you pull the towel closer to your form.

"(NAME)!!!!" This time Haruhi slid down next to the two of you as she held your face in her tiny hands as tears rushed down her face as well as yours.

"Tamaki-senpai, let me check her wounds alright?" The blond only nodded mutely as he closed his eyes silently refusing to let you go as Haruhi started her inspection.

"Mori, can you carry (name) to the house, the doctor will be here soon." Kyouya piped up as the giant nodded and gently scooped up your body from Tamaki's reluctant arms and proceeded to walk down the cliff only to have the two girls at the bottom with tears pouring down as they saw the state you were in.

"Thank you so much (name), we're sorry we couldn't get help fast enough." Mori had to stop his trek as the two gently hugged you and thanked you. You only smiled in return.

"I-I'm ok girls, j-just shaken up a-a bit."

After the distraction of the worried girls, Mori quickened his pace towards the mansion making it in record time which surprised you since you were on the bigger side of the scale.

Making it upstairs and into your room, Mori placed you in the bed softly and covered you up with the blankets and adjusted the towel to keep it covering everything not wanting anything to be moved until the doctor came.

Mori looked down at you and gave you a sad smile as he patted your head making you grin up at him, but quickly started closing your eyes as sleep started to take over and eventually being whisked away into dreamland.
TamakiX!Chunky Reader- Fresh Start Ch.8
Hey guys! Here's the next chapter! There is some dark themes in this one just so you're warned!

Story (c) :iconbonkers-4-hatter:

You (c) :iconblushingtamakiplz:


Chapter 7: TamakiX!Chunky Reader- Fresh Start Ch.7
You sighed for the umpteenth time as you felt your brow twitch in annoyance. This was getting really ridiculous really fast.

Maybe it was a phase boyfriends went through, or maybe he was just really overprotective and you weren't used to that which you really weren't in the first place. Whatever the reason might be, it was honestly driving you insane at this point.

You turned your gaze to the giant potted plant, one of many that lined the inside of the local mall. With one hand placed on your (size) hip, you cocked your head and shook it in mock disappointment.

"Rin, I can see you." You saw the red head flinch behind his hiding spot as he tried to scrunch up like he thought that would really work.

"I'm not stupid shark boy, just come out already." You face palmed and started tapping your foot in an impatient manner waiting for your shark toothed boyfriend to stop his one-sided game of hide and seek (name) wherever she goes.

You felt a familiar hand snake its way around your (size) waist and pull you close to his form. You let a small smile out at his possessive move and glanced up at his currently pouting face making you giggle.

You started walking to a nearby café that was in the mall, pulling Rin along with you since he apparently didn't want you going anywhere by yourself. Entering the calm and serene café, you found a booth in the corner of the cozy place and slid into the seat along with Rin who still had a hold of you.

"Ok Rin, we really need to talk about this whole following me around everywhere situation." You managed to get out of his hold as you turned to face the now panicking swimmer.

"I wasn't following you (name), I just had some Christmas shopping to do too." He refused to make eye contact with you making you internally groan.

"Is that so?" You asked this just to humor him and to see what answer he'd give next.
"Yeah, I still have to get something for Gou." Still no eye contact from the boy.

"So you were going to give Gou a giant ass mall plant? You were just checking the leaves to make sure they were to her liking right?" You had a small smirk playing on the corner of your lips as his eyes widened a bit.

"Well, I just wanted…I…" The red head finally gave up as he hung his head and avoided eye contact with you still.

"Rin, I just want to know why that's all." You placed a hand on his leg making the swimmer stiffen up a little at your touch. Rin finally turned his body towards yours in the booth and finally made eye contact with you which made you smile.

"It's because I worry about you (name)." He grabbed your hand and held it tightly in his.
You smiled and gave his hand a squeeze.

"I'm a big girl Rin, I can take care of myself you know." He smiled and nodded in understanding but squeezed your hand back a little tighter.

"I know that (name), it's just other people I don't trust. With what happened to Sousuke's girlfriend a few weeks back, I don't want to take any chances. If he hadn't showed up when he did, the guy could've done so much more to her. I don't want that to be you (name)." Your (eye color) orbs widened at his confession.

Yes, you knew what happened with Sousuke's girl, you guys are friends and she talked to you about it. You'd be lying if you said you never thought you'd be in danger like she did. You just tried to be positive and move on with your life.

With Rin's confession, you kind of felt like a bitch, all this time he was worried sick and that's why he followed you everywhere. Yeah, it was annoying most of the time, you thought he was just being a smart ass, but now he was making sure you were safe and sound and not getting harassed or worse.

You wanted to bang your head on the café table right now. It's still just so weird to have someone else care about your safety when you haven't been used to having someone other than yourself.

You looked back up at Rin and hugged him tight, burying your face in the crook of his neck.

"I'm sorry Rin, I'm just used to being by myself that having someone else who cares about me now is still kind of new to me. If you're so worried about me you can just text me and go with me like a normal boyfriend instead of following me like a creepy stalker." You pulled back and gently thumped his forehead and placed a chaste kiss on his nose.

"Well I just didn't want you to think I was clingy or anything." I nice blush spread across his cheeks making you smile.

"I wouldn't think you were clingy, you're just looking out for little ole me. Besides, I've always liked being wrapped up in your arms." You threw your arms around his neck and pulled him closer to you.

"(Name), we're in public!" Rin tried to pull away from your iron like grip only to have you pull him closer and place a gentle kiss on his still flushed up cheek.

"So, that didn't stop you from following me around and now it won't stop me from showering you with my love!" You giggled and planted many little kisses all over his face eventually making him break out into a laugh as a huge smile formed on his face.

He looked into your eyes and kissed the tip of your nose lightly.

"I love you (name)."

"I love you too stalker boy."
Wooo! It felt so great writing this! :D Well, I decided to try a Rin one-shot here!~

Story (c): :iconbonkers-4-hatter:

You (c): :iconrinmatsuokaplz:

Image from:
It feels good to read these stories again! Almost done with this semester! Next week is finals week and then I'm home free!!!! I've already started writing some more chapters for the Hetaloid series! It's been far too long! I've missed you guys!!! *Hugs everyone!*
Hey! I'm not dead! :D The semester has been Hell, but this Friday I'm going home for a one week break so good news! Finally the results of the contest shall be posted then. I know, I'm terrible q.q With Christmas break coming up (Thank the heavens!), I'll have some time to actually write stories and not God awful essays! Well, see you soon guys!~
Hey guys.

I know you all know I'm busy, but on top of that I'm actually pretty down. I've recently went to University and I know nobody here. All I do is study and I'm shut in my dorm room. I didn't know college was going to be this way. Not to sound to forward or anything, but does anyone live in the Saint Louis area? I'm going to college at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville AKA: SIUE. I just need someone to talk to, hang out with, anything. I've been down and sad for weeks and the work load has made me even more down and out. So....yeah.. o.o 
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