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February 4, 2013
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“Oh my gosh…” Your jaw hung open a bit as you looked at your new Hetaloid.

You’re new Italian Hetaloid to be exact. He looked totally real with a headful of gorgeous brunette hair with an odd extreme curl sticking out.

He was thin and yet he still had a bit of muscle to his form which showed slightly through the military uniform he had on.

All in all he looked quite adorable and handsome an unusual combination for a guy but for him it suited him.

“Aww, look at (Name’s) face, I think we totally picked the right one!” (Friend 2) smiled and hugged you as (Friend 1) joined in as well.

“So, do you like him (Name)?” (Friend 1) nudged you a bit as you laughed and nodded hugging your two best friends again.

“Ya know (Name), they say Italian men love curves on their women!” (Friend 2) grabbed some of your fluff as you screamed out in surprise and swatted them away.

“Damnit (Friend 2), you know I hate it when people do that!” You bopped them on the head and crossed your arms.

“Nevermind (Friend 2), (Name), wake that adorable man up already!” (Friend 1) was cheering from the side as you sighed and headed over towards the now open crate.

You grabbed a folder that was clearly labeled ‘Instructions’ and opened it as you grabbed a small booklet from it and started to flip through it.

You started to aww as you looked at the list of the items he came with.

“I wanna see, I wanna see!” (Friend 1) grabbed the booklet from you as they started to flip through it as well and ‘awwed’ as well as (Friend 2) slid next to (Friend 1) and scanned the booklet awing as well.

“That’s adorable, he comes with some white flags, pasta and a cat named Pooky.” (Friend 1) squealed.

You snatched the booklet away from the two and flipped to the page about waking your Hetaloid up.

You scanned through the instructions and smiled as you tossed the booklet on the coffee table and headed towards the kitchen.

‘Good thing we had pasta for dinner.’ You smiled as you made a plate of pasta with meat sauce and sprinkled some parmesan cheese on top of it and grabbed a fork and put it on the side of the plate and headed back over towards the Hetaloid and his plate of pasta.

“What are you doing?” (Friend 1) raised their brow at you as you stuck your tongue out at them.

“Waking my Hetaloid up, it says to present him a plate of pasta, so that’s what I’m doing.” You answered as you reached your Heataloid and scowled slightly.

You cursed your short size and stood closer to the android and reached the plate of fresh pasta up towards his face.

“Here’s some pasta for you.” You expected nothing to happen but were surprised when the Hetaloid snapped its eyes open to reveal gorgeous brown eyes as one of his soft hands grabbed the plate of pasta from your hand and the other wrapped around your plump waist and pulled you closer to him.

“~Ve, Thank you Bella! I love Pasta!” He kissed your chubby cheek and started to inhale the plate of pasta without the fork as you stared wide eyed at the Hetaloid.

You heard your friends laughing in the background making you growl a bit.

You then heard the android place the now empty plate on top of one of the edges of the crate as he wrapped the plate free hand around you and hugged you hard making you gasp at his surprising strength.

“~Ve, hello there, I’m Feliciano and what’s your name pretty girl?”  You felt your face flush at the close contact.

“I-I’m (Name), and I’m your new owner.”

“Wonderful, ~Ve my new owner is nice and very soft!” Feliciano started to nuzzle your breasts as you gasped and tried to pry him away but to no avail because of his freakish strength as the laughed got louder in the background.

“Well, looks like our job is done here, see you (Name)!” (Friend 2) said as they poked you in the back and headed towards the door.

“Remember to call, or skype us every week!” (Friend 1) yelled this as they also made their way to the door.

You felt your brow twitch at this, they were going to leave you like this with him nuzzling your boobs like this…. What awesome friends you had.

“Hey Feliciano, take care of our (Name) up in the big city!” (Friend 2) said this as they slammed the door shut leaving you and your new Hetaloid alone.

“So, (Name), can I nuzzle you like this when we go to sleep too~?” Feliciano continued to nuzzle your breasts as his hands rubbed your back.

‘Oh God…. He thinks we’re going to sleep in the same bed….shit…’
~Yaaay!! Italy Hetaloid time!!

I hope I did okay with this.. o.o I've never written anything with Italy before so please tell me how bad it is.. q.q

I hope you enjoy this Chunky reader insert series so far! I love to write it! It makes me happy!! :D

Story (c) :iconbonkers-4-hatter:

You (c) :iconsexyitalyplz:

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